The Choir at Deroc


The Choir at Deroc, Oil on canvas, 16 by 16 in. unframed, 21 by 21 in. framed.

There is a half-abandoned old textile town on the northern tip of Haiti.  And there is a church there that always welcomes us.  They seat us up on the stage, they have us preach, and they feed us.  But most importantly they dress up for us.  How can they live in huts with dirt floors and come out with clothes this clean and pressed?  Somewhere along the line the church was gifted with someone's old graduation outfits, complete with mortarboards.  The choir uses them now.  Do they know the significance of the mortarboards?  I'm guessing no.  But they wear them with pride.  And is there such a thing as innocent pride?  I'm guessing yes.  The baby adds to the innocence of the scene with its uncritical assessing view.

Offered as an original oil, nicely framed.  Prints available on request.