But Is It Art?


But Is It Art?  Oil on canvas on ACP, 19 by 14 by 0.25 inches unframed.  Completed October 2023.

Commodification:  the action or process of treating something as a mere commodity.

Recently, Banksy refused to authenticate one of his works before it went up for auction.  Merchants have removed large sections of brick walls in order to sell some of his work.  Banksy tours will show you the artist's graffiti on walls around London and Bristol.  The famous incident where one of his works shredded as the gavel came down has resulted in the work doubling in value.  It's like he can't escape, and I don't know which is worse; being ignored or being commodified.  I do know that art can change things, and I know of no more impactful recent art than Rage Flower Thrower, which appeared on the wall separating Palestine from Israel.  No wonder he chooses to stay anonymous.