A Conversation


Oil on linen, mounted on aluminum composite panel, 16 by 24 inches unframed, 20 by 28 ½ inches framed.  Completed 2019.

In the majority world, the poorest enjoy the best views.  Uganda was once called “the pearl of Africa”.  There is a monument set up where the first Englishman saw Lake Victoria for the first time.  Legend has it he was speechless. 

Our village is up in the hills.  In the evening one may climb Mpongo Hill to watch the sunset, listen to the sounds of the homesteads closing up for the evening, and view the panorama of life as it must have been for eons.

It is no wonder then that the schoolchildren would just as soon have a lesson out on the field, under the ancient tree.  Their favorite mzungu is teaching, and the hills go on forever.

This painting will be auctioned to benefit BridgeaLife at the fourth annual fundraiser dinner, October 10, 2019.  Fine art prints of the painting are available for $400 in various sizes.  Please inquire.